[emacs-berlin] Whats going on in your emacs? A brief "survey"

jman emacs-berlin at city17.xyz
Tue Jul 13 07:30:24 UTC 2021

DiesDas <agfa.color at web.de> writes:

> - In emacs I am heavily using... (package/functionality/feature/...)

projectile, ivy, magit, mu4e, lsp (+rustic +rust-mode), web-mode

> - Currently I am tinkering around with...

org-mode and various exports backend to write technical documentation. Currently I'm testing a Docker
container [0] to export Latex docs.

[0] https://github.com/doc-org/docker

> - Other entries on my "realize with emacs" list are...

- a CalDAV-enabled workflow to sync my calendar/agenda (I'm open to suggestions!)
- a replacement for Orgzly (the Android Org-mode client) to sync notes. Orgzly works but the UI is (imo) unusable
- a decent RSS feed reader (elfeed, for example)

> - Additionally I'd like to say....

... that I gave up on learning Emacs: I need to /use/ Emacs.

A couple of weeks ago I needed a new feature in Emacs, I looked around for a package, found
something to try (`perspective.el`), started looking at the documentation. Maybe that day I was in a
bad mood, but I felt overwhelmed by having to spend again a lot of time to figure out how to use
that package.

That was the last drop. That day I've realized that my usecases are pretty common and a good set
of sensible defaults decided by someone else are fine for me :)

I have installed a couple of weeks ago Doom Emacs, so far a great experience, will be testing it for
a while then maybe will share my experience.

Happy hacking!

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