[emacs-berlin] May 2021 Meetup

Andreas Röhler andreas.roehler at easy-emacs.de
Mon Jun 7 16:40:15 UTC 2021

On 23.05.21 15:44, jman wrote:
> Tilmann Singer <tils at tils.net> writes:
>> What do you think newcomers struggle with most?
> I will always consider myself a newcomer until I find an adequate
> solution to the mess I have in my *IBuffer* buffer. I open files from
> different git repositories, org-mode files, then mu4e, then the calendar
> ... soon enough I can't navigate through them with `C-x b` anymore.
> A suggestion I received was to try `treemacs` but it didn't enhance my
> experience (or I am using it wrong), I end up spending too much time
> switching back and forth from the treemacs buffer and navigating the
> tree and that breaks my concentration.
> (I use `emacs -nw` without a mouse, so perhaps this is part of the 
> problem)
> My current workflow is to open multiple emacs for different contexts 
> (ugh).
> I read that the enlightened :-) Emacs user "opens Emacs once and just 
> open
> new buffers". I would really *love* if someone could show me such a
> proficient workflow :-)
> cheers,

My solution is twofold:

Using mnemonic keys to jump to directories of interest.

These must be named before.

So with some stuff in "~/programming/emacs"

I'd do first

M-x ar-new-pfadfunktion RET

which would create the directory, if not existing and prompt me for the
name, i.e. "pem" for example.

Also it would create a shell-script "pem".

Afterwards ‘M-x pem RET’ would open the dir in dired-mode.
At the shell-prompt inserting ". pem" would jump to the dir there.

Should someone be interested, may send the stuff,


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