[emacs-berlin] `server-eval-at' turns out to be pretty useful...

Tilmann Singer tils at tils.net
Mon Apr 5 16:24:43 UTC 2021

Grant, glad to hear you got the version mismatch of emacsclient sorted

Regarding the purpose of the mailing list: first and foremost it's meant
for announcements and other support of our monthly meetup. Follow-ups on
what was talked about, and the occasional general, if Emacs related,
banter are on topic as well. It just shouldn't get out of hand and drown
the announcements – looking at the average posting frequency in recent
years I think we are far away from that.

I hope everyone's email client is able to group by thread, as notmuch
for example does [1], so that an ongoing discussion on the list can be
followed or muted easily, depending on one's interest in it.


[1] https://notmuchmail.org/screenshots/
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