[emacs-berlin] `server-eval-at' turns out to be pretty useful...

Grant Rettke grant at wisdomandwonder.com
Fri Apr 2 05:59:21 UTC 2021

... and somewhat involved to use correctly.

Here is the "brief" overview of why it is required compared to everything
else out there. There are not many examples out there how or why you would
ever want to use `server-eval-at'.

In particular it explains why `emacs-client' /can't/ do what this does.

Here it is:


Let me know what you think.

I set it up to solve a single problem:

Use Keyboard Maestro so from anywhere inside MacOS I could evaluate Elisp
code in my current Emacs instance and type it into the app I was using.

It lets you run Elisp code anywhere.

You can do a lot more than automatically type text into places using
Keyboard Maestro: it is actually a full blown programming environment.

For a start though, I just wanted to insert my favorite date formats and
jokes that I already configured in Emacs.

It is really fun.
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