[emacs-berlin] Software ideas for our remote MeetUp

Tilmann Singer tils at tils.net
Tue Feb 2 22:30:26 UTC 2021


FWIW, setting up workadventure is relatively easy thanks to a well
working docker compose config. There is an open PR where someone added
letsencrypt support [1] – I tried it on an AWS EC2 instance and it
worked out of the box. Tests with work colleagues were successful 80%
(n=5), one couldn't join even with Chrome, for unknown reasons.

I like the idea of having something for the meetup that gracefully
degrades: so that if e.g. a 2D world tool doesn't work for someone, they
could still join the same chats and talks via a different method.

workadventure uses meet.jit.si by default, but as you said it's possible
to connect it to an existing Jitsi instance. I think the room names for
the ad-hoc chats are created on the fly – it would be great if there was
a way to publish those somehow for an an alternative access method.

If there's interest, I can switch on the workadventure test installation
for some collaborative testing and hacking at an appointed time. Please
suggest when it would fit you.

Some months ago I've also tried setting up BBB, unfortunately I can't
remember the details, but it was trickier, and after an initial success,
stopped working after a few days with errors that at the time I didn't
manage to understand. Totally anectodal of course, and was probably my
own fault for not putting in more time.

A slight argument in favor of adding something that connects to Jitsi
for the meetup is that we already have a working instance, so it would
be an incremental improvement.

And a last slightly related note: there's a recent chaosradio edition
about the rC3.world [2] (in german).

cheers, Til

[1] https://github.com/thecodingmachine/workadventure/pull/538
[2] https://chaosradio.de/cr265-rc3-world
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