[emacs-berlin] A doubt about use-package

jman emacs-berlin at storiepvtride.it
Sat Jan 23 14:38:16 UTC 2021

Hallo Narendra, followup on this issue: I think I've solved the issue!

Your snippet here to watch a variable was pivotal to let me understand the 

>> --8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
>> (add-variable-watcher 'the-var-to-be-watched
>>                       (lambda (sym new-value operation where)
>>                           (message "Value for %s getting modified to %s with 
>>                           %s in buffer %s"
>>                                    sym new-value operation where)))
>> --8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

So, what was the issue?

In my `init.el` I had something like this:

(load "~/.config/emacs/mu4e-config.el")
(require 'org-mu4e)

`mu4e-config.el` is a huge block such as this:

(use-package mu4e
  :load-path "~/.local/share/emacs/site-lisp/mu4e/"
  :commands mu4e

Apparently the `(require 'org-mu4e)` immediately after would reset to nil the
variable I was watching, here's a log snippet:

Loading ~/.config/emacs/mu4e-config.el (source)...done
>>> Value for mu4e-update-interval getting modified to 5 with set in buffer nil
Loading ~/.config/emacs/custom.el (source)...
Loading whitespace...done
Loading paren...done
>>> Value for mu4e-update-interval getting modified to nil with set in buffer 
>>> nil
Loading ~/.config/emacs/custom.el (source)...done
Turning on magit-auto-revert-mode...done

I'm not sure why, I guess it has to do with org-mode now being enabled
by default in mu4e (since 1.4) and there's no need anymore to import
`org-mu4e`. Reimporting a deprecated package would probably reset
everything (I don't know, just my blind guess).

Anyway, I think I can now move forward from here.

Thank you again for giving ne the tools to debug the issue :-)

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