[emacs-berlin] RC3 2d game/communication setup

Tilmann Singer tils at tils.net
Fri Jan 8 09:19:05 UTC 2021

This is so cool, thanks for posting the links.

Its usefulness for a meetup is slightly limited through the limitation
of group conversations to 4 people at once. According to [1] it's using
peer-to-peer connections among the participants for the group
conversation (cool, I thought that's only possible for 2 participants),
so probably not possible to easily increase that limit.

There's also audio streams, e.g. to play music in specific rooms. Does
anybody know if there are possibilities to do broadcasting inside it, to
host a presentation like in a meetup?

cheers, Til

[1] https://howto.rc3.world/play.html#interaktionen-mit-anderen
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