[emacs-berlin] RC3 2d game/communication setup

jman emacs-berlin at storiepvtride.it
Mon Jan 4 13:43:10 UTC 2021

Asalle writes:

> For all who had interest, here's the source code
> https://github.com/chaosmentors/rC3-World
> Not a lot of there on how to deploy it (not even a readme, sigh), but I
> guess it will be polished up in the next couple of weeks.

very interesting. thanks for sharing.

The files in the repo are tilesets, the file format ".tsx" (actually XML
files) is an open tileset standard [0]. File with ".kra" extension are
also assets made with Krita.

By spelunking in the rc3 info site I could find a mention to this
https://workadventu.re as the engine+server they used to host the world.

The "proximity camera popup" was implemented using also jitsi [1] (it's
supported by WorkAdventure).

I'm impressed by how fast they pulled the whole thing together.


[0] https://opengameart.org/forums/featured-tutorials
[1] https://howto.rc3.world/play.html#interaktionen-mit-anderen

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