[emacs-berlin] feedback on last meetup

Michael Ebert-Hanke michael at ebert-hanke.de
Fri Mar 27 13:11:38 UTC 2020

Hi all,

Since I brought up jitsi I just wanted to clarify that I was not suggesting switching the emac meetup to it. I think if there is a reliable working infrastructure at the moment (thanks to Julia) that is the most important thing to continue the meetups. From a political standpoint I would also always be in favor of open source alternatives. I just felt the input about jitsi might be helpful to someone because there seems to be a need for video-hangouts at the moment and on a private level with smaller groups I prefer the security / open source jitsi gives me hosted on a server under my control. Locking down the ability to start rooms for non registered users was something which took me some time to figure out so I felt it was worth sharing.

So far I use jitsi to hang out with family and friends and it works ok so far. I didnt test larger groups yet so I can not comment on its reliability. I am currently test-running on a DigitalOcean 10$ droplet and it seems ok.

For my group Firefox and Chrome/Chromium work fine – there are also apps for iOS and Android which seem to work ok.
Security wise it seems that videostreams get chopped in to packets and transferred encrypted between clients and server, there they are decrypted, encrypted again and delivered to the other clients – so I guess it makes sense to be in control of the server to have a somewhat secure and trustworthy communication. I have no idea how this compares to zoom.

Since this is the emacs and not jitsi list: If someone wants to go into more detail about jitsi or „stresstest“ an installation, feel free to email me directly.

Thanks a lot to all the organizers for making the meetup happen despite the „distancing“ situation!

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