[emacs-berlin] feedback on last meetup

Tilmann Singer tils at tils.net
Fri Mar 27 11:02:54 UTC 2020

Hi all,

Usually I would be in favour of an open source alternative as well,
especially for the Emacs Berlin community it would be appropriate.
However, having tried Jitsi myself, I don't trust it enough to
successfully host a meetup like last time with up to 22 participants.
The largest I've seen it work yet was with 8 people, and it seemed
flakier than the Emacs meetup on zoom. It's hard to determine the actual
reasons, maybe they are fixable somehow, but I wouldn't know how.

If someone steps up who can confidently _guarantee_ to run a Jitsi
server where at least 22 people have a stable connection, I'd be willing
to consider switching[*]. But it needs to be a proven setup, not a
first-time experiment.

Otherwise, I would prefer to host the next meetup in April on Zoom again
(thanks again to Julia for organising and to Contentful for sponsoring
it). It's vital that one is not forced to install a proprietary app for
it, but can connect via the Chromium browser, which I'm happy that Julia
was able to configure.

> It will actually pop up a warning about using the wrong browser if
> you're on FF

Weird, for me it worked the same on Firefox like on Chromium. As opposed
to Zoom, which outright prevents to connect via Firefox unfortunately.

cheers, Til

[*] and assume that applies to the whole Emacs-Berlin organizer team
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