[emacs-berlin] Feedback on the hybrid meetup

Martin debacle at debian.org
Tue Dec 6 08:39:17 UTC 2022

Dear Julia,

first of all: Many thanks for making the meetup happen!
I really enjoyed the in presence meeting.

On 2022-12-01 17:59, julia.biro at gmail.com wrote:
> Hi Folks, 
> With the first hybrid meetup behind us, I would like to invite
> everyone to share feedback with me.

The hybrid meetup was very good, only the separation in two physical
rooms was a little bit strange. I wonder, how the remote participants
experienced the evening?

> Can we move to zoom somehow?

So far, I managed to avoid non-free conferencing systems and I would
like to keep it that way. Jitsi worked well, only the position of the
camera wasn't perfect. Not a huge problem.

Cheers, Martin

> can we find another venue?

I'm co-organising the [[https://xmpp-meetup.in-berlin.de/][Berlin XMPP
meetup]], second Wednesday of every month, <%%(diary-float t 3 2)>, in
the [[https://x-hain.de/][xHain maker space]]. It is by far not as luxury
as the venue we had last week and can probably not host much more than a
dozen people or so. There is wifi and a huge screen, but no fixed
camera. I can ask them, if they are open for yet another meetup. Btw.,
they have a small bar in the basement ;-)

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