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Mon Dec 5 09:32:40 UTC 2022

On Thu, Dec 1, 2022 at 6:00 PM julia.biro at gmail.com <julia.biro at gmail.com>

> Hi Folks,
> With the first hybrid meetup behind us, I would like to invite everyone to
> share feedback with me. Either here, or just write to me in private. I am
> interested in everything: what worked well, what didn't work well. eg: I
> couldn't hear, I couldn't see, pizza was cold, beer was bitter, we should
> do X or shouldn't do Y. This is a new format, any learning is valuable.
> On a different note, I would like to open up a longer term question about
> the meetups format and specifically the platform we use.
> Almost 3 years ago when we were forced to move the meetup from Contentfuls
> event space to online, we very soon settled on Jitsi as the platform of
> choice. It was free, open source and accessible to all, and seems to be a
> good fit for this community's strong preference for open source tools.
> But now that we are trying to meet in person again, this causes a
> technical issue. Contentfuls actual event spaces are only equipped to join
> zoom meetings. Don't ask me why, but that is the reality, and I don't think
> I will be able to get them to refactor that for our benefit. So yesterday's
> meetup was actually hosted in 2 meeting rooms, and it worked for now, but
> it doesn't scale: it required a technician from Contentful to basically
> hack the rooms for us; we were sitting in a small space, and it has all
> kinds of conundrums around having to enter the private spaces of the
> office. And I am still not sure how to get the recording off the machine in
> the meeting room. So in Contentful the rooms and the event spaces are
> wonderfully equipped to participate with zoom, and everything else ranges
> from tiresome to hard to impossible.
> So there is a tension between our current options for an event space and
> the preferred platform. And I think we should start talking about options,
> and possible solutions and possible compromises. One option is to change
> the venue; another is to change the platform. And I am sure there can be
> other options as well. Can we move to zoom somehow? can we find another
> venue? Can we live with a tight cap on live participant numbers and a
> gowring distance from beers?

Hi Julia,

Let me thank you just once again for organizing the event last time! :)

As much as I've enjoyed the in-person gathering, I've found the two-room
setup a bit awkward.  The before-/after-talks beer time was also somehow
much shorter than I had imagined it would be (probably beer in the room
would work better). ;-)

I do have a strong preference for free software tools, and I think we
should keep doing that as a group.
At my current employer (Zalando), the meeting rooms are also only working
with proprietary tech (Google Hangouts), so it's probably not the best
option if we want to get that problem solved...

Looking forward to our next meeting!
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