[emacs-berlin] Whats going on in your emacs? A brief "survey"

Christos Vagias chris.actondev at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 08:43:23 UTC 2021

Hi all,

- In emacs I am heavily using... (package/functionality/feature/...)

  org-mode with ober-eval-in-repl (
  I usually have a dev.org in every project I'm working on, and have code
  Well, in reality I'm using my own extension that I wrote (but still WIP),
to make it simpler and have more functionality.

  Also LSP, using it for a C++ project I've been working on.

- Currently I am tinkering around with...

  Hydra (replaced by transient) & .dir-locals.
 As I said, usually I have a dev.org for commands, snippets etc. I'd have
some compile commands,
  some commands for launching the built file with certain arguments etc.
But that would get too repetitive.
  So with hydra (first demo, then moved to transient) I define my common
commands so I can quickly run them.
  Another bit to this workflow is that I have a global key binding that
triggers some command like #'my-project-do
  and with dir-locals I replace this function with my project defined

- Other entries on my "realize with emacs" list are...

  Learn LSP a bit better (I have zero customization about it), cause I have
some hiccups sometimes, also
  al the UI bits seem to drag emacs down.
  Also, probably check emacs 28 eventually (using 27 still). I think I'll
have some performance gain, especially
  with LSP usage

- Additionally I'd like to say....

  The internal compile & recompile commands are extremely useful!
   Before I was using a separate shell buffer for that, but going around
the compiler errors like this is tedious.

On Tue, 13 Jul 2021 at 09:39, Tietan <tietan at seburai.de> wrote:

> Hey all,
> *In emacs I am heavily using... (package/functionality/feature/...):*
> - org mode
> - projectile
> - c-mode (work)
>    - semantic
>    - counsel-etags
>    - company
> - arduino-mode
> - plantuml-mode
> *Currently I am tinkering around with...:*
> - Improvement of c-mode on big individual designed projects
> - general emacs on Windows (work)
> - dynamic custom faces for defines (c-mode)
> - *organice *(https://organice.200ok.ch/documentation.html)
> - general mobile (android) org-mode management
> *Other entries on my "realize with emacs" list are...:*
> - learn emacs lisp (advanced)
> - flutter development environment
> *Additionally I'd like to say....:*
> Please check out organice I think its a very nice project
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