[emacs-berlin] On why to use emacs/vim

jman emacs-berlin at storiepvtride.it
Wed Nov 11 20:17:45 UTC 2020


I was reading this blog post from Stack Overflow [0], one of thousands
about the theme "emacs, vim or ... ?". The tone of the article is very
light and hand-wavy so not much to comment.

One thing, though, struck me: the point of the authors is something
along comparing "old editors" (used mostly out of inertia) vs. "the new
shiny thing" (providing a friendly UI, more affordances, just get your
stuff done).

It's completely overlooking the advantages of a textual UI: in my point
of view accessibility, consistency and reducing context switches between
tools. These keypoints often do not get through and it's limiting the
conversation to the surface.

If there is *one* thing I'd like the Emacs project to improve (no idea
how) is comparing both UX and show the differences in terms of
productivity. For example, this video compares a GUI git workflow to
using git-send-email [1]: the difference is impressive.

Happy hacking!


[0] https://stackoverflow.blog/2020/11/09/modern-ide-vs-vim-emacs
[1] https://spacepub.space/videos/watch/1619c000-7c44-4330-9177-29a0854bd759

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