[emacs-berlin] August Meetup

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Sat Aug 22 19:21:30 UTC 2020

Am 22.08.20 um 14:52 schrieb Tilmann Singer:

> === Content
> We'll have a short (?) talk about truecolor in emacs in the terminal.
> And there was some discussion about LSP (Language Server Protocol for
> programming languate support such as code completion etc.) on the list,
> so I hope we can have some people show us how they use it, how they set
> it up and help those who would like to use LSP too.

I'm really excited to get on the stage again :^) thanks for the opportunity.

I'd love to see other's people LSP setups, if there's a chance.

One question: it's my first time on Jitsi with an audience and probably
I will share the screen. Knowing how picky is Wayland with screensharing
I would like to make a tech test to see if everything works fine before
the meetup begins. In case somethings's broken I can logoff and start an
X11 session.

Is anyone available before Wednesday evening for that?


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