[emacs-berlin] Feedback on Emacs Berlin Meetup

Karl Voit PIM at Karl-Voit.at
Wed May 27 19:07:04 UTC 2020

Thanks for the online Emacs event!

I've collected some ideas for feedback you might be interested in:

- mention: no recordings (so that people might demo files without fearing of exposing data on video)
- promote something pre-organized show-notes like
  https://pads.ccc.de/xyK3p7lb4m when promoting the event so that
  all people might be able to easily contribute to collaborative notes
- IRC does not seem to be popular (any more; sadly).
  - I'd suggest the chat of the Etherpad above
    - it's archived and not lost after the event like the Jitsi messages
    - it does not block part of the Jitsi screen sharing screens

Thanks for promoting your event on Mastodon - it was the only channel
that reached me with this event.

Karl Voit

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