[emacs-berlin] May Meetup

Andreas Röhler andreas.roehler at easy-emacs.de
Mon May 25 10:09:07 UTC 2020

On 24.05.20 15:00, Tilmann Singer wrote:
> Hi dear Emacs people,
> The May meetup is Wednesday next week, the 27th. We'll meet again in
> Jitsi, provided generously hosted by Micha, with Zoom as fallback
> generously hosted by Julia and Enxhi via Contentful. You'll have to
> bring your own food and beverage of choice unfortunately.
> === Time and location
> Room open from 18:30 CEST, if there are talks they’ll start at 19:00
> Jitsi link: https://raum.graum.xyz/emacs-berlin
> As usual, some of us also hang out on IRC, #emacs-berlin on freenode.
> If Jitsi fails, we move to https://contentful.zoom.us/j/97756244000
> (check for announcements on the list or IRC).
> === Content
> Talks welcome!
> I recently looked into sending HTML formatted emails from Emacs and can
> shortly talk about that.
> cheers, Til

Thanks Til,

lately filed a feature request relating to python.el; improve sexp-based 


It's a rather trivial thing, suitable for an exercise how to patch Emacs 
- and running your own extended Emacs, which is a major fun IMHO.

If people are interested, some hints how to build an Emacs from current 
trunk should follow.



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