[emacs-berlin] thank you for the feedback!

Tilmann Singer tils at tils.net
Mon Mar 30 07:31:39 UTC 2020

Does anybody here have experience setting up and in particular tuning a
jitsi-meet server? I have set up one on an AWS m5.large instance so far,
and had mixed success for group chats of around 5 people with it.
Sometimes video was a bit laggy, hard to say what the bottleneck was and
if a larger instance would have helped.

I can offer to host an experiment on:
Wednesday April 1st, 19:00
(exactly one week after the latest regular meetup)

However, help with configuring the thing would be highly appreciated.
And if someone has an optimized server, feel free to offer that.

As before, if it can be proven to work, I'm fine switching to jitsi, if
not, I'd also be fine to continue using zoom (when it's possible to use
the browser based client).

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