[emacs-berlin] Minutes of February meetup

Dieter Kluenter dieter at dkluenter.de
Sun Mar 1 18:16:34 UTC 2020

Hi Til,

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Tilmann Singer <tils at tils.net> writes:

> Hi Dieter,
> Thanks for writing the minutes. We have that for a few past meetups on
> the website at https://emacs-berlin.org/archive.html. Do you want to
> make a PR against https://github.com/emacs-berlin/emacs-berlin.org
> adding them? If not that's fine too, I would add or link them later
> myself then.

I were not aware of this archive site.
I am not trying to propagade against emacs-berlin :-)
I just missed some backup recap of the previous meetups.
Just feel free to add my notes to the archive.


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