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Alexander Weinsziehr AWeinsziehr at riseup.net
Wed Sep 14 11:52:33 UTC 2016


just want to express my hope that this is going to happen. I'm from
Berlin but right now in Seoul so I wont be able to attend the meetings
and would appreciate it at lot if could watch the talks online.



2016년 09월 14일 19:06에 Arne Brasseur 이(가) 쓴 글:
> Soon we're having our first proper presentations at Emacs Berlin, it
> would be really awesome if we could record them and put them on-line.
> There are some members who can't attend for various reasons, there are
> also people the world over who would be interested in what we have to
> say. It would be extra publicity for the speakers, and great
> advertising for our own little group.
> Unfortunately we organizers have no experience doing this, and just
> running the meetup already takes up more time then we really have
> available. So we're asking you, the community, can you help? Do you
> have a tripod, a go-pro, a handy cam? Let us know, and let's make this
> a reality!
> Thanks,
> Andy, Arne, Til
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