[emacs-berlin] ORG mode archive all DONE tasks within current org file

Andreas Tiefenthaler at at an-ti.eu
Thu May 22 11:22:34 CEST 2014

I usually clean up my work week on fridays and would then have to go
trough a lot of task that I would need to refile manually, this could
also be done with a better key mapping.

I would be really interested in your org-mode workflow. Mind to make a
short talk about this?

@stackoverflow. classic case of TL;DR.

Tilmann Singer <tils at tils.net> writes:

> Interesting. Up until now, I preferred to archive each item individually
> because it gives a greater feeling of satisfaction, a little bit like
> striking through an item on paper ;-)
> Also, in the agenda view, archiving is a single keystroke: '$', I found
> that to be sufficiently fast for me.
> Andreas Tiefenthaler <at at an-ti.eu> writes:
>> It works quite well, although I need more attempts to actually get all
>> DONE items archived. Anyone has an idea why that could be? I don't
>> really get any error messages.
> Is that the issue from the comment on the stackoverflow page: "This is
> skipping the even sub headings while archiving"?

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