[emacs-berlin] I'm going to Berlin

Sławomir Grochowski slawomir.grochowski at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 20:53:10 UTC 2022

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow I'm going to Berlin from Warsaw, Poland.
I will be in Berlin until Friday, December 2nd. Or maybe I will stay longer
I'll see you there on Wednesday.
I will explore the city in my spare time.
If anyone would like to meet earlier/later and show me a bit of the city or
recommend what is worth visiting,
I will be grateful.
I'm staying at Paul-Robeson-Straße 47, Prenzlauer Berg, 10439 Berlin.

About me:

I'm a professional software engineer. 8 years of exp. in PHP.
My main interest is simplifying software and human systems.
Taming the complexity. Maintaining legacy codebases.
I'm a big fan of https://www.legacycode.rocks/ & https://maintainable.fm
Avid book reader. I've read most of the books about refactoring.
Emacs tinkerer. I showed you how I use emacs org-mode at our previous
online meeting.


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