[emacs-berlin] A talk proposal: supa-el

Tilmann Singer tils at tils.net
Mon Nov 21 08:16:35 UTC 2022

> Probably the easiest way that we can try is indeed recording from the
> presenter's machine using, e.g. OBS Studio.

If you can figure that out, that would indeed be the easiest and most
reliable way. With the consent of the presenter, we're always happy to
publish a recording on the website.

> What about Jitsi login?  Do I need to set anything up in advance or is
> it free to join for anyone?

It's free to join for anyone once the room has been opened, which
happens on 18:30 CET on the day of the meetup, so you don't have to do
anything in that regard.

cheers, Til
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