[emacs-berlin] October 2020 Meetup Video Link

Zelphir Kaltstahl zelphirkaltstahl at posteo.de
Wed Oct 28 18:59:21 UTC 2020

Hello Tilmann.

Can't I judge myself, whether or not I am having issues with the
conference? Why do I need a website to tell me what browser to use? Even
worse suggesting to use Chrome. Probably, if I set my user agent string
to some Chrome user agent string, that message will not even appear and
it will all work just fine. (I have not yet allowed the websites to run
scripts, so it probably can only have looked at my user agent string.)
This is the same thing I am subjected to, when I am forced to join any
Slack channels. When I am using IceCat and set my user agent string to
some recent Chrome user agent string, it will work just fine.

Basically you take a piece of free software (Jitsi) and plug the
unnecessary advice to use the browser of one of the top enemies of user
freedom and free software in front of it. This situation can definitely
be improved:

Instead of a big scare message, you could have placed a more subtle
message like: "Our website was not developed with adherence to strict
standards in mind. This means it can cause problems in some browsers. In
the past people have experienced compatibility problems in the following
browsers …". This way you are making it clear, that the problem is not
actually the browser, but your website (taking responsibility). I've run
other voice chat and streaming capable messengers or clients in Firefox
before, just working fine. You can even keep that message as a general
information for the visitor of your website. Please don't use a "Use
Chrome or f* off!" kind of message. Unsuspecting users will be turned to
Chrome, thinking, that somehow "Firefox is to blame." or "Chrome just
works better." and other wrong interpretations.


On 10/28/20 7:42 PM, Tilmann Singer wrote:
> That message is not complete, it should mention that Chromium as an open
> source alternative is also possible to use to join. There were issues in
> the past with Firefox when connecting to Jitsi conferences with many
> participants, so unfortunately we're restricting it right now. Please
> consider Joining with Chromium.
> Til

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