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Fermin fmfs at posteo.net
Fri Oct 16 14:31:50 UTC 2020

Hey, yes  manateelazycat has amazing packages, and EAF is awesome, sadly he doesn't usually upload his packages to MELPA.

I think that xwidget need some love( and maybe a re desing) having a native browser inside Emacs is in itself a killig feature 😃

On 16 October 2020 10:58:57 CEST, "Max(☭)" <suraev at alumni.ntnu.no> wrote:
>Hi fellows!
>Look what I've found: 
>And I thought that EXWM was crazy idea :-P
>To put this into context: this poped-up in emacs-devel during
>about bringing interactive graphics into Emacs and the future of
>Exciting times ahead.
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