[emacs-berlin] September meetup on the 30th

Dieter Kluenter dieter at dkluenter.de
Wed Sep 23 15:01:12 UTC 2020

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Am 23. Sep. 2020, 16:55, um 16:55, Dieter Kluenter <dieter at dkluenter.de> schrieb:
>I am relying on Gnus dir morgen than 20 years now.
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>Am 21. Sep. 2020, 21:30, um 21:30, emacs-berlin at storiepvtride.it
>>I was thinking to using Emacs as an email client with GPG support. The
>>reason is that I'm growing tired of the Github-like workflow when
>>git and I was thinking to start using git-send-email on some projects.
>>I'm looking with interest at `mu4e`: has anyone any experience to
>>I can easily search for tutorials and stuff but a first hand report
>>would be cool.
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