[emacs-berlin] Looking for talks for November Meetup

Andreas Tiefenthaler at at an-ti.eu
Thu Nov 10 09:39:29 UTC 2016

Hey everyone,

Our next meetup will take place on November 30. 19:00 at contentful. We
are looking for talks for the next meetup. Until now we had already very
nice talks and we would like to continue this way. Last time for example
we had a nice introduction into spacemacs.

I will do a lightning talk/introduction into restclient.el[1] which I
have found quite useful.

If you have a topic you would like to talk about, a project you are
working on - Looking at you Andreas :) - we would love to hear about it
on the next meetup.

Talks should be *20 minutes + 5 minutes for questions*. We're setting up a
way to submit talks on the site, but for now you can simply mail to the
list, or to me directly.

You can also do a *lightning talk*, 5 minutes talk + 5 minutes for
questions. These can be on any subject that Emacs people might find
interesting, even if it's completely unrelated.

Emacs Berlin takes place Wednesday, October 26th 2016, 19:00,at
Contentful (Kotti/Moritzplatz). Get inside the yard, on the left side is
a subterranean bar called the FooBar. Emacs Berlin signs will be pointing
you there.

Looking forward to your ideas.

Have a fantastic day,

[1]: https://github.com/pashky/restclient.el

Andreas Tiefenthaler -- http://an-ti.eu
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