[emacs-berlin] Literate dev-ops

Tilmann Singer tils at tils.net
Fri May 6 19:12:30 UTC 2016

Thanks for posting this, this is great stuff. I wasn't aware of the
usefulness of the :dir setting until now, especially when setting it to
a remote directory!

What I find particularly great about this is that it can be combined
with all the other goodness of org-mode and e.g. integrate with a
personal TODO / gtd setup. Here is an example of a reminder that I have
set up for myself recently, for looking at ftp server that is only
accessible via an ssh hop. Tedious to manually reproduce, with emacs
it's a simple "C-c C-c" away:

* TODO Check that ftp backup works
SCHEDULED: <2016-05-07 Sat>

#+BEGIN_SRC sh :results verbatim
  ssh some-server 'echo "ls -l /" | ncftp -u xxx -p xxx ftpbackup.example.de'

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