[emacs-berlin] January Meetup

Tilmann Singer tils at tils.net
Fri Jan 22 10:04:29 UTC 2016

Hello everyone,

time flies and soon there'll be another wonderful emacs meetup! Next
week, Wednesday 27, 19:00. We're back at our original location, the

Contentful office
Ritterstr. 12-14
10969 Berlin
(Close to U8 Moritzplatz / U1 Prinzenstra├če)

Talks: none yet, but would be highly appreciated! Can you think of
something emacs-related that you want to show us? Please do!

As always, emacs newbies are of course very welcome. We'll help where we
can with setup, first steps and any any questions that come up.

There will be no company sponsored food this time - please bring
something yourself if you can, Potluck style, to share. If you don't
bring any food, you're very welcome too of course ;-)

cheers, Til
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