[emacs-berlin] some questions

Markus Hihn MHihn at gmx.de
Thu Jul 31 22:34:43 CEST 2014

here are some issues I was confronted concerning mobile.org today. I would be glad if anybody can help.

1.) org-mobile-sync
I found that package at melpa. It uses the file-notify-support to automatically sync the org-files. 
However, I did not get it working with the latest emacs snapshot and file-notify-support enabled (org-mobile-sync still yells that some file-notify functions are void). I would appreciate some hints.

2.) agendas and :PROPERTIES:
MobileOrg automatically adds an PROPERTIES ID drawer to each todo entry of an agenda file. Is it possible to hide these properties drawers away completely? (they are marked folded by default - but i would appreciate a complete hide).

3.) any links to guides/manuals on how to import stuff of google calender to mobileorg would be highly appreciated!


PS: Is there any stable version of emacs that has file-notify support? Maybe that would be a good start for solving point 1.

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