[pandora-dev] New Pan.do/ra Release (r4395)

j at pad.ma j at pad.ma
Fri Oct 10 17:37:57 CET 2014

# New Features

 - Multilingual Annotations (use html lang attribute)
 - Multiple Audio Tracks
 - Import/Export of annotations in JSON
 - Lots of bugs fixed

A more detailed changelog lives at https://wiki.0x2620.org/timeline

# Update

 cd /srv/pandora

Before update, make sure that /srv/pandora/bin/pip is working
(running it should show help and not an exception).
Some older virtualenv setups might have an issue with pip.
In that case remove pip and copy pip2 to pip before update.

# VM

You can download a VM with pan.do/ra r4395 from


# Under the hood

 - Major UI performance improvements in OxJS
 - oxtimelines rewrite using ffmpeg/avconv (this removes GStreamer
 - If you build scripts or site modules, Item.itemId is now called

# Infrastructure changes

 - Support for Ubuntu 14.04 (vm is using 14.04 now)
   If you want to upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04, here are some migration

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