[pandora-dev] Pan.do/ra Firefox Add-ons

j at thing.net j at thing.net
Mon Sep 6 17:27:40 CEST 2010

While most of pan.do/ra is HTML5/JavaScript and works within the
browser, for some things we require the help of browser extensions. This
is mostly required for file access and video conversion on the client.
Right now there are two Firefox extensions related to pan.do/ra:

Firefogg, also used in pad.ma, it allows encoding of videos on the
client and only the smaller video is uploaded.

OxFF, another extension that uses Firefogg but allows users to integrate
a local folder with a pan.do/ra archive. OxFF scans that folder and
makes it possible for pan.do/ra to upload videos that are not known to
the archive yet, to extract high resolution stills and to upload .srt
files as tracks.

Of Firefogg I just pushed out a test release that works with Firefox 4
Betas, it does not work on Windows yet, but can be tried on OS X and
Linux: http://firefogg.org/Firefox4Preview/

OxFF is still in constant flux, its code is available at


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