[emacs-berlin] September 2022 Meetup

Christian Tietze me at christiantietze.de
Thu Sep 29 05:31:26 UTC 2022


After I was surprised how the default modus-operandi theme looks in
source code, I figured I might as well share my config with the "bold
constructs" and fewer colors in code :)

As a bonus, there's also the lin.el config.

One nice addition to the macOS GUI port of Emacs is that you have access
to named system colors; LIN uses that via the `'lin-mac-override-fg'
symbol. I commented a couple of line out that maybe wouldn't work out of
the box.


Sent from Bielefeld, Germany <3
https://christiantietze.de -- Programming + Personal
https://zettelkasten.de    -- Creative Knowledge Work

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