[emacs-berlin] Moving from lsp-mode to eglot

jman emacs-berlin at city17.xyz
Fri Jun 24 20:48:54 UTC 2022

> I also switched from lsp-mode to eglot a year ago and did never look back. I use it for Rust and JS development mostly. I
> most likely only use the more basic functions (and also did so before in lsp-mode). For me eglot feels a lot more
> efficient and minimal in a positive way. It has everything I need and works out of the box without much need for
> configuration. I use it with vanilla emacs.
> This is the config I am currently using: https://gitlab.com/ebert-hanke/deadpan-emacs

Hey, thanks for sharing your opinion and dotfiles. Currently the only thing I'm
really missing from lsp-mode is an activity indicator when the Rust Language
Server is running (which in Rust can take quite some time...).

There's an experimental add-on for eglot that provides that (among other
additions), leveraging some specific extensions of `rust-analyzer`, the
Rust LSP server:

Let's see how it works :)


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