[emacs-berlin] meetup 25/04/2018

Tilmann Singer tils at tils.net
Tue May 1 07:10:30 UTC 2018

Forwarding Gary's reply:

Termux supports openssh which is the same package as most Linuxes,
compiled for Termux. In Termux it runs on a non-standard port and has no
password support (only public / private keys).


I've recently experimented with Vysor from the App store. It shows the
full Android screen on your laptop with mouse and keyboard support. I
haven't yet figured out how to send Meta key etc. (My plan is to use
Vysor next time I want to demo any Android thing, it can also produce
video from the screen sharing).

I wanted to have the Hacker keyboard for Termux but normal for other
apps. This link shows how to switch keyboards automatically.


My new Android/Linux PDA should arrive in a few weeks. I think it will
be a killer mobile Emacs solution. I will be excited to show it to the


Finally, a tip for Termux which I forgot to mention. You can pinch to
zoom the font size. Long press to change font.
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