[emacs-berlin] Upcoming meetup: full summer mode

Tilmann Singer tils at tils.net
Fri Jul 24 16:51:08 UTC 2015

Hello fellow emacs enthusiasts and interested beginners!

For the upcoming meetup on July 29th we thought it would be nice to go
into summer mode, and meet outside in a restaurant / Gastgarten right
away. So there's a table for 6-8 people now reserved for us at
Kuchenkaiser on Oranienplatz, where some of us went after the last
meetup: http://kuchenkaiser.blogspot.de/ . Starting at 7 o clock.

Don't worry, this neither implies the obligation to eat, nor to drink
beer ;-), but a minimal consumption of at least one beverage will
probably be required, I hope that is ok for everyone.

I think unless we are surprisingly many more people than we were the
last times, it will still be possible to do some ad-hoc presentations on
a laptop. For example I would like to present the awesome new 2.1
version of the git interface within emacs, magit.

Pls send me a mail if you know for sure that you're coming, so I know
whether it is necessary to extend the reservation.

cheers, Til
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