[emacs-berlin] [ANN] #3 Meetup 04.06.2014

Andreas Tiefenthaler at at an-ti.eu
Tue Jun 3 09:42:48 CEST 2014

This is a short reminder for the next meetup tomorrow.
Could everyone that joins reply with a short notice. Also do we have any
topics or ideas except the org-mode workflow of Til?


Andreas Tiefenthaler <at at an-ti.eu> writes:

> Hey the next meetup will take place Wed 04.06.2014 beginning at 19:00.
> It will be at the contentful.com[1] office:
> Take the shiny outside elevator up to the 5.th floor and enter the
> office trough the door on your left.
> We will provide some beer and mate for you and space for at least
> 10 people so bring interested people(also non emacs users are invited).
> Please discuss and submit ideas for the next meetup through the mailing
> list or the GitHub[2] issues.
> The last time we tried to get XMPP Hipchat running in Emacs and a
> function that snake and camel cases strings.
> So long,
> Andy
> [1]: https://www.contentful.com
> [2]: https://github.com/emacs-berlin/emacs-berlin
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