[pandora-dev] New pan.do/ra release (r6339)

j at pad.ma j at pad.ma
Wed Jun 3 16:57:51 UTC 2020

|| pan.do/ra r6339

Time for a new pan.do/ra release. Renovations and maintenance:

- migration to Django 3.06
- requires Python 3.6 or later
- adding support for Python 3.8
- various bug fixes and cleanups

|| to pan.do/ra update run


|| new features

- Documents section now has fulltext search support,
  requires elasticsearch and tesseract to be installed and a documentKey with "fulltext": true.
  With that, images get OCRed and PDF text is extracted (pdf ocr not yet available).

|| Upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04

This release adds support for Ubuntu 20.04, instructions on how to upgrade can be found at:

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