[pandora-dev] New pan.do/ra release (r5458)

j at pad.ma j at pad.ma
Wed Mar 30 00:05:48 UTC 2016

|| pan.do/ra r5458

It was time to switch to Django 1.9.x and update all related dependencies.
We also fixing a number of bugs and made pan.do/ra faster.

|| to pan.do/ra update run


|| make sure to install the new init scripts

 sudo ./ctl install

|| to try out pan.do/ra

 You can download a VM with pan.do/ra r5458 from


|| changes

 - Update Django to 1.9.x and all modules to latest version
 - Publishing to search engines is managed via config now. Make sure to set
   site.allowIndexing to true if you want search engines to index your site.

|| notes

If you get this error during update, its ok:

    AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'atomic'

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