[pandora-dev] New pan.do/ra release (r4880)

j at pad.ma j at pad.ma
Tue Apr 7 14:42:19 UTC 2015

It's time for a new release. We've fixed a significant number of bugs
and added new features.

 >> before you update

this release depends on ffmpeg 2.5 or later,
if you use our ppa you can install it via

  apt-get install ffmpeg

or get the current release from http://ffmpeg.org/

 >> to pan.do/ra update run


 >> to try out pan.do/ra

  You can download a VM with pan.do/ra r4880 from


 >> changes

     - Entities
        sites can define entities that can be used in annotations
        or info pages, entities can have a defined set of key/value
        data and a template.
        Data->Manage Entities... can be used to add/edit/remove entities
     - Changelog
         a list of all changes made on the site is available via
     - Updated version of pdf.js
         update pdf.js to latest version to support more pdf documents
     - Full documentation of config.jsonc
         all configuration options are documented now:
     - Full documentation of the API
         all API functions have detailed descriptions and links
         to related functions, Help->API...
         on your instance or at https://pad.ma/api
     - Many bugs fixed
         many bugs and improvements.
	See https://wiki.0x2620.org/timeline for a detailed
         change log since the last release (r4395).

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