[pandora-dev] New pan.do/ra release (4187)

j at pad.ma j at pad.ma
Wed Mar 5 15:33:05 CET 2014

It's time for a new release. We've fixed a significant number of bugs
and added a couple of new features. See https://wiki.0x2620.org/timeline
for a detailed change log since the last release (3717).

To update, run:

  $ cd /srv/pandora
  $ ./update.py

Make sure to install the new dependencies:

  $ sudo apt-get install poppler-utils mkvtoolnix

New Features:

 -- Edits
    Edits are still considered experimental, but the basics do work.
    Edits are editable lists of clips. They can either be static:
    or smart (saved search):
    If something isn't working as intended, please file a bug.

 -- Texts
    To get an idea what's possible with Texts, take a look at:
    The help section for texts is still missing, but some documentation
    can be found at: https://wiki.0x2620.org/wiki/pandora/text

 -- Documents
    Sometimes videos are not enough. Now you can upload documents
    (images or PDFs) and use them in annotations and texts, or
    associate them directly with an item (new Documents view).
    To get started, take a look at some documents here:

 -- Localization
    Pan.do/ra can be localized now and has support for Arabic and Hindi.
    While Arabic is not yet complete, Hindi should be almost done.

Some important config changes:

 -- To enable the new documents view for each item, add
    {"id": "documents", "title": "Documents"} to itemViews

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