[pandora-dev] how to update pandora config

j at pad.ma j at pad.ma
Thu Jul 4 09:48:57 CEST 2013


On 07/04/2013 05:42 AM, Alpesh Gajbe wrote:
> What are the commands I need to use to push the changes I have done in
> config.jsonc file. 
> Like for example I have made the following changes to the default file.
>     "video": {
>         //"download": true,
>         "download": false,     
>         //supported formats: webm, mp4
>         "formats": ["webm", "mp4"],
>         "previewRatio": 1.3333333333,
>         //supported resolutions are
>         //1080, 720, 480, 432, 360, 288, 240, 144, 96
>         "resolutions": [96, 240, 480, 720, 1080]

right now pan.do/ra creates a video for each resolution, so adding the
HD resolutions new videos will be uploaded in 1080p and transcoded to
the lower resolutions. existing videos should continue to work but only
be available in lower quality. (in the future we want to only create
resolutions that are lower than the uploaded video so HD resolutions are
not created for videos uploaded in SD)

for changes to itemKeys and other parts of the config you want to run
/srv/pandora/update.py db and /srv/pandora/update.py static after making
your changes.
to be sure you get the latest config run sudo /srv/pandora/ctl reload
but in general pan.do/ra should pick up changes to the config.

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