[padma-dev] enhancing the resolution

j at pad.ma j at pad.ma
Wed Mar 17 17:33:07 CET 2010

On 03/17/2010 05:01 PM, Nagarjuna G wrote:
> Can you send me some clues on how to increase the resolution while
> encoding the video.  since some of our video has text, the resolution
> after encoding and compression is not making the videos effective.
> What is your advise?

right now videos are encoded in 3 resolutions, the default you see is
the small one, possibly just going to Action and selecting a higher
resolution might be enough.
otherwise have a look at padma/extract.py
def oggVideo(videoFile, videoStreamFile, size=128):

gets called from the model with 128 and 320, to create those videos from
the uploaded video. instead of creating 128 or 320 wide videos you could
change that, in the current code base its not easy to change the
resolution without also looking at some other places in javascript to
adjust the display size.


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