[padma-dev] a feature future pad.ma may have

b at pad.ma b at pad.ma
Thu Mar 11 14:25:42 CET 2010

> Hi,
> While a video is playing it is good to have an action bound to <Enter>
> key that inserts fragmenting points (not used to the jargon).
> Given a video with fragments defined, when we use <space> to play, the
> video plays only the fragment till say the user types the
> transcription.
You can press 'H' on the editor page to get a list of Keyboard shortcuts
you can use. You can use the 'I' and 'O' keys to insert In and Out points
on the video. With your In to Out (current 'fragment') defined on the
timeline, you can use the 'P' key to Play only the current In to Out. Hope
this helps. What complicates pad.ma in relation to a transcription client,
I think, is the possibility to add different 'tracks' (keywords,
descriptions, etc.), and have the different tracks being of varying
lengths, therefore, there not necessarily being clear non-overlapping
'fragmentation' points. However, I hope the current keyboard shortcuts
address some of these ideas and hopefully we can play with it a bit when I
come there next.

> This is based on my experience with the tk based transcriber tool that
> I often use for transcription.
> Sanjay's plugin is another solution, but I thought if javascript can
> do it, why complicate it.  then the app will also work on other
> browsers.
It would be ideal to have the work-flow happen on the page itself. There
are a lot of tools and shortcuts already provided, and perhaps we can
figure out a quick work-flow using them.

With regard to the plugin, it is basically all javascript -- if there is a
need, it shouldn't be too hard to abstract it out to work on other
browsers / in a webpage. Again, the current version was built for a
specific work-flow which involved the need for using the videos as well as
saving the data offline, hence the plugin approach.

Hth :)

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